460W solar panel

10kW 3-Phase Solar PV + 17.5 kWhr Li-On Battery System – Westdene, JHB


We recently concluded an awesome project that the ZPE team worked on for a client in Westdene, Gauteng, South Africa. The system was designed with some novel tech, and successfully commissioned in December 2020.

Location: Westdene, Johannesburg


  • Included 22x top of the range 460W monocrystalline solar panels to maximise 10kWp solar capacity within the smallest viable roof footprint
  • Made use of a top of the range 3-phase 10kW hybrid inverter system
  • Coupled with a high voltage 400V DC 17.5kWhr lithium-ion battery system
  • Secondary petrol generator back-up system to ensure 100% uptime for our client’s extremely critical loads on-site

We can’t be happier with the result, with our client sharing these sentiments heading into the holiday period and now enjoying being over 80% off-grid, and free from the worry of load shedding! We are currently in the process of finalising City Power grid feed-in of excess solar power for further savings.

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