Ladysmith hybrid solar 1

12.5kW Solar PV + 3-phase hybrid 17.5kWhr Li-On Battery Storage Project – Ladysmith, KZN

Residential solution sized to provide maximum self-sufficiency to this client who previously consumed 72 kWhr (units) of municipal electricity per day.  This system will now generate 75% of client’s electricity requirements, freeing the property from high municipal bills.
The system was designed to accommodate the 3-phase municipal supply with a common lithium-ion battery system, thus allowing the client to have backup of loads across all 3 phases for well over 12 hours at night.
System architecture based on top tier Victron equipment and remote monitoring, allowing the client to monitor system performance from the mobile app in real-time and to obtain historical logs.
32x 390Wp Tier 1 solar panels (25 year performance guarantee)
3x 5kVA inverter/chargers configured in 3 phase (5 year warranty)
5x 3.5kWhr Lithium-ion batteries (10 year warranty)

Location: Ladysmith, Kwazulu Natal

Completion Date: January 2021
Ladysmith hybrid solar 2
Ladysmith hybrid solar 1


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