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80kWp Rooftop Solar PV + 184kWhr Containerised Li-On Battery System – Limpopo


Phase 1: Design & executed a grid-tied solar PV system for a public-sector complex in Limpopo. System includes grid limiting and active control of a grid-tied inverter to allow off-grid functionality of solar PV.

Phase 2: Design and execution of a grid-interactive lithium-ion battery storage system to store excess solar PV in the day and utilise at night and during load shedding to allow the facility to become effectively off-grid.

System includes remote monitoring and control to allow active monitoring and tweaking of system for maximum customisation and optimisation.

Location: Limpopo, South Africa

Technology: 1x 60kW + 1x 20kW grid-tied solar PV inverters  + 240x 340Wp Tier 1 solar panels + 144kW battery inverter/chargers + 36x 5kWhr Li-On batteries

Completion: August 2020


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