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Changing Lives and Energy Resilience in a post COVID-19 World

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How can we use our renewable energy and engineering expertise to change lives for the better?

This is a question that comes up often for the team in our quest to revolutionize Africa’s sustainability.

Fortunately we were given this opportunity by one of our visionary clients and partners to brainstorm just this- culminating in a pilot project that makes giant strides towards furthering our combined continental sustainability goals.

Customer-focused engineering-led solution

Our team has completed the design & installation of a rural 80kW grid-tied solar PV plant at a public-sector facility in South Africa, in partnership with one of the country’s leading mining houses. We are also nearing completion of a custom-designed & engineered containerised 144kWhr Lithium-ion Energy Storage System (ESS) that will be installed post lockdown.

The completed hybrid-energy system will see a vulnerable group of the community benefit from a renewable-energy driven off-grid solution, eliminating current high electricity costs & providing self-sufficient, free and resilient energy immediately and well into the future.

Local community involvement and upskilling

We ensure that we make a positive difference in all the communities we work. On this project, we worked closely with our client and the community to ensure we arranged theoretical and practical training for labourers from the community, who were then hired by us to assist and contribute meaningfully to the installation of the solar PV system, under supervision of our team leaders.

We see these as key outcomes for changing lives and ensuring energy resilience in a post COVID-19 world. Do you share these thoughts with us?

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Feel free to review some of our previously completed hybrid renewable energy projects here.

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