Renewable Solar PV Energy in Commercial FMCG sector

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What should you expect from your Renewable Energy and Solar PV service provider?

Zero Point Energy empowers Cash & Carry with Renewable Solar PV Energy and saves a client over R18 000 per month

Zero Point Energy successfully concluded a 75kW solar PV grid-tied roof-top project for a retail business in Crown Mines, Johannesburg at the beginning of December 2019.

A business of this nature is an extremely busy space and requires efficient day-to-day running. Minimal to no complications are standard for a business like this to truly benefit. An appropriate system (such as this one) will produce over 10 000 kWhrs or units of electricity per month, with the client’s monthly saving’s expected to be over R18 000 per month immediately.tier 1

Renewable solar PV energy reduces 120 tons of CO2 emissions

This business’s electricity-savings translate into a reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 120 tons annually due to offsetting Eskom coal power supply.

A great success due to electricity requirements being met using clean, quiet and renewable energy. Municipal electricity will only be used during night-time and inclement weather because of modern, solar PV technology.

Figure 1: tier 1 mounted solar panels

Financial Benefits of solar pv

This business is expected to save R20 000 per month during 2020 and R23 000 during 2021.

A further financial benefit to the client is the SARS Section 12B 1-year accelerated depreciation allowance for commercial solar PV projects.

Ultimately, the client will save a further 28% on the capital cost of the project using that allowance. This kind of saving can only occur because of specific engineering design processes and best practices.

Read further to understand the process a professional and relevant RE service provider should execute.

What Zero Point Energy offered

The investment would pay itself off in 3.5 years because they used the following:

  • tier 1 solar panels
  • mounting structures on North facing roof section
  • inverters
  • mounting structures and inverter warranties and guaranteed performance set at minimum 20, 10 and 5 years.
  • Professionally designed engineering system.
  • Industry-leading equipment and protection.
  • Integration of Solar PV with the business’s existing diesel generator.

Zero point Energy offered the above so that day time load shedding consumption of diesel is kept low while solar provides the majority of power.

The best part is, the professionally designed system saves the business further on their operational costs.

Figure 2: The completed electrical scope of the project including inverter, energy manager, DC and AC protection and 3-phase interconnection.

Design Process

  • Step one: Determine the client’s needs and energy usage.
  • Step two: Design cost-effective tailored professional solution.
  • Step three: Install and commission to best industry standards.

Zero point Energy was responsible for the engineering design, planning and project management of the entire turn-key project. This included supplier logistics, roof-work, substation work, site storage, outage planning, installation, testing and commissioning of the system.

Figure 3: Drone footage of solar panel roof installation. (Photo courtesy of Caracal Energy)

Installation Process

The installation of these systems requires detailed planning and well-executed project management. Relevant assessments are crucial for not just the safety of all workers on site but for future maintenance requirements. Therefore, structural engineers need to be registered professionals.

To ensure installation runs smoothly remember your service provider needs to offer an industry-leading solar simulation software. It is also imperative that the service provider has experience not just with engineering design but within the construction industry too. All international best practices as well as national and local standards, regulations relating to DC and AC protection, earthing and electrical compliance has to be ensured.


A remote monitoring system should be installed for both the client and our operational team can monitor performance at any time from anywhere in the world via the internet and a mobile app.

A grid limiting system is installed so that excess power cannot feed into the municipal network. Lastly, electrical & mechanical certificates compliance (CoC) are issued to provide clients with peace of mind on the installation quality.



Figure 4: Roof mounted Solar Panel installation  (Photo courtesy of Caracal Energy)


When investing in a RE Solar PV solution a business owner requires appropriate financial benefits. Reaping the financial benefits of RE Solar PV solutions start with high-end quality products and professionally registered engineers.

Great planning, communication and on-site co-ordination from an experienced service provider are very important to the longevity and professional quality of Renewable Energy Solar PV systems.

Contact the Zero Point Energy team to assist you with a review and analysis of your FMCG business. We will gladly assist you on your journey towards more sustainable and affordable energy management that will save you money in the immediate and long term. We are confident that our experienced team and proven solution offering will assist you to achieve guaranteed results. @zeropointsa +27605218388 +27721500467

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