FMCG solar PV commercial  project 4

75kW Commercial Grid-tied solar PV Project


Executed a turn-key EPC project to assess, design,  engineer, procure, install and commission a 75kW solar PV grid-tied project for a busy commercial client in th efast moving commercial goods (FMCG) industry. The project included a flush-mount IBR roof mounting solution, installation of new roof access cat ladders and lifelines, as well as a complete solar PV solution that integrates into the client’s 400V electrical distribution system. System also integrated with diesel generator to ensure optimal performance during load shedding thereby further reducing fuel spend.

Location: Crown Mines, Gauteng

Technology: 75kW Tier 1 solar panels, 1x 60kW grid-tied 3-phase inverter, energy management & remote monitoring system

Completion: November 2019


battery system

18kW Solar PV + 60kWhr Li-On battery + 12kW Battery System


Design & executed a hybrid solar + storage system using Victron & Freedom Won to take a 6-bedroom house over 95% off the grid.  Maximised self-sufficiency by installing sufficient battery storage to absorb all excess solar PV during the day to discharge throughout the night. System includes grid limiting and active control of a grid-tied inverter to allow off-grid functionality of solar PV.

Battery system also serves as primary load shedding protection. Integrated client’s existing diesel generator such that it can serve as a secondary back-up should power outages be extended and reduction in diesel consumption if load shedding during sunlight hours. System includes remote monitoring and control to allow active monitoring and tweaking of system for maximum customisation and optimisation.

Also executed main DB and sub-DB re-distribution of loads, some energy efficiency measures to ensure smooth and optimal performance of system.

Location: Lenasia, Gauteng

Technology: 3x 5kVA battery charger/inverters + 18kW grid-tied solar PV + 2x 20kWhr Li-On batteries

Completion: November 2019