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Three-phase 6.4kWp hybrid solar PV + 10.5kWhr Li-On Battery storage – Melrose Estate, JHB


Design & execution of a hybrid three-phase solar PV system for a client in Melrose, JHB. System comprises a Victron-based energy storage system (ESS) with solar MPPT charge controllers and Li-On batteries with remote monitoring and grid-limiting functionality.

Location: Melrose, South Africa

Technology: 3x 5kVA Victron Quattro inverter/charger + 1x 250/100 solar MPPT charge controllers + 16x 405Wp Tier 1 poly solar panels

Completion: August 2020


hybrid solar battery jhb

Hybrid 21kWp Solar PV + 30kWhr Li-On battery + 50kVA Diesel Generator integrated project – Houghton, JHB

Hybrid Solar PV + Li-On battery + Diesel Generator integrated project – Houghton, JHB

Almost ready to kick off another  at a new large-scale residential development in Houghton, JHB.

This system consists of a custom-designed solar panel roof mounting structure, and a dual-redundant & co-ordinated back-up power supply via generator & lithium-ion battery system to ensure a seamless load-shedding free property!

In addition, a grid-tied solar PV system has been included to allow daily charging of batteries from renewable energy to significantly reduce long-term electricity costs in the order of R90 000 per annum, that would otherwise have been incurred by the owner.

The system is designed to be centrally and remotely monitored, allowing us to optimise settings in future if we detect changes in the client’s usage patterns. Built with industry-leading equipment with warranties to match.


hybrid solar battery jhb

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