Combating both COVID-19 & Eskom Load-shedding through Portable Back-up Power Units

portable FB

In between the team’s busy projects schedule in January 2021, the Zero Point Energy engineering team made some time for R&D to combat the dual crisis of COVID-19 and Eskom load-shedding, and the disastrous impact both have on home-based patients dependent on oxygen concentrator devices that need to run 24-7. The ZPE portable power supply […]

First Post COVID-19 Lockdown Installation

res install 02Jun20

First Post COVID-19 Lockdown Installation Our first Level 3 residential battery backup system completed post lockdown in South Africa. Good to be back on sites again helping our customers take control of their electricity supplies and to beat any imminent load shedding. This system was designed to include a top-of-the-range 6.5kW battery inverter and 10.5kWhr of lithium-ion batteries, sufficient […]