ZPE achieves Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) Membership

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Zero Point Energy has been granted Professional Electrical Engineering Membership of Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA).

CESA is the custodian of well-being in the South African consulting engineering industry, with members compelled to subscribe to upholding the integrity of the industry by adhering to a professional code of ethics providing quality and cost effective professional consulting engineering services.

Niche engineering credentials

As one of only 3x EME electrical consulting engineering firms in the country that have 100% black and considerable female ownership, we are proud of this empowering achievement to date. Beyond this, we strive to maintain and improve upon our quality & customer-centered electrical consulting engineers and project management services to our valued clients.

Contact us at info [at] zpenergy.co.za for more information or to get in touch for your next project

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