ZPE Pan African Solar PV Battery Storage Engineering Design Consulting Services

ZPE Pan-African Solar PV & Battery Storage Engineering & Design Consulting Services

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ZPE Pan African Solar PV Battery Storage Engineering Design Consulting Services

Zero Point Energy has executed over 30x engineering & design packages for Africa-focused solar PV and micro-grid developers & IPPs over the past 6 years. We have helped our clients with concept designs, detail designs, successful utility & municipal approvals, as well as to win competitive private & public sector tenders.

We achieve this by keeping up to date with latest industry trends, technologies & optimally designing solutions that are localised and customised for sub-Saharan Africa. This includes projects in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique and Zambia.

zpe consulting engineering

Example of a 5MW utility-scale solar PV plant yield simulation study. Also indication of location of projects we’ve done engineering designs for

Solar PV & Battery Storage Consulting Engineering Service Offering:

Our service offering across utility-scale, commercial & industrial solar PV and Li-On battery storage projects include:

  • PVSyst, PVSol, & Homer Pro design simulation studies
  • Design of utility scale (>1MW up to 100MW), commercial, industrial & agri-sector (50 kW – 999kW), and large residential solar PV installations encompassing ground-mount fixed-tilt and single-axis tracker systems, rooftop & solar carport projects, and containerised lithium-ion battery systems
  • Energy resource, bankable yield simulation studies, 3D shading investigations, & related techno-economic assessment reports & studies
  • DC stringing length & routing optimisation studies, full solar PV plant designs, panel & MPPT layout optimisation, solar PV AC tie-in design & specification, battery system integration design, solar PV & diesel generator integration designs
  • Grid interconnection designs & studies, including power system simulation studies, electrical single line diagrams, detailed plant GA layout drawings, , key equipment selection & specification, overhead line and MV substation/switching station designs, Eskom application and approval submission & representations
  • Auxiliary system designs including SCADA integration, plant CCTV & security system designs, lighting, electric fencing & metering
  • Utility interconnection applications, municipal SSEG applications & sign-off, and electricity tariff analysis
  • Development of bill of quantities, project schedules, project cost estimates, and other project deliverables as required

Accreditations, Experience & References:

  • Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) Professional Electrical Engineers (Pr.Eng) certified electrical engineers, ISO 9001-aligned QMS design processes, professional CAD capabilities and document control
  • Team has over 30 years combined experience working on wide spectrum of solar PV projects in South Africa and in Africa including the REIPPPP, mining, industrial & agri sectors. Read more about the the team here.
  • We have professional indemnity insurance cover up to R5 000 000 & are Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) accredited consulting engineering company
  • We are a proudly South African Level 1 BBBEE contributor with 100% black-ownership and 41% female ownership
  • Check out our track record of proven and completed projects here: ZPE Completed Projects

Contact us today to see how we can assist your team succeed on your next solar PV and/or battery system project: info@zpenergy.co.za +27605218388 @zeropointsa

Design Drawing Examples:

Below an example of an 11kV MV switchyard feeder bay design for the export of solar power from a 2MW solar PV plant in Swaziland

solar substation HV GA

An example of a scaled CAD layout  of a 5MW solar PV plant we designed in Botswana with optimised location of solar panel trackers, inverter locations, perimeter roads, substation and access points

solar PV layout drawing

Below an example of an 11kV main substation electrical single line diagram (SLD) accumulating power from the field inverter stations via ring main units (RMUs)  for a 10MW solar PV plant in South Africa,  and exporting power via an 11kV overhead line tie-in to utility substation

solar PV SLD

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