10x utility-scale solar PV projects in the 6-12MWp range

ZPE design utility scale 10MW sites
ZPE Editorial Team
ZPE Editorial Team
Project: 10x utility-scale solar PV projects in the 6-12MWp range
Project Scope:

Project Client:                Local subsidiary of a USA-based utility-scale renewable energy project developer

Project Name:                 10x utility-scale solar PV projects in the 6-12MWp range

(project names confidential)

Project Location:            Across Gauteng, South Africa

Contract Description:    Zero Point Energy was appointed to do the following scope of work:

Preliminary design:

  • Review & analysis of key equipment datasheets. The equipment includes:
    • Solar PV modules
    • Fixed-tilt mounting structures
    • Single-axis tracker structures
    • Solar grid-tie inverters
  • Determination of the following:
    • Suitable number of modules and inverters
    • Suitable fixed-tilt angle (for fixed-tilt options)
    • Suitable pitch/spacing distance rows for shading considerations
    • Suitable table size
    • Suitable string size
    • Suitable strings per inverter MPPT input(s)
    • Suitable number of rows per tracker block (tracker option)
    • Suitable placement of inverter blocks
    • Suitable location of substation, O&M buildings, internal roads, etc
  • Site layouts:
    • Site layouts will be provided for both fixed-tilt and tracker options. This will involve the provision of CAD drawn general site plan layouts
    • Site perimeter fencing
    • access point (to be communicated by client)
    • Security and guard house
    • Access, peripheral and internal roads
    • Substation and control room buildings
    • O&M building location
    • Exclusion zones (if any provided by Client)
    • Inverter station locations
    • Fixed-tilt / Tracker mounting structure blocks
    • Total road length and area
    • Total perimeter distance
    • Total PV footprint area
    • Number of modules
    • Number of strings
    • Number of modules per string
    • Plant DC and AC capacity


  •  Solar yield simulation studies per site:Bankable (P90) and detail design yield analysis
    Yield report with discussion on study assumptions, technical configuration, climatic data,  system losses, 20 year generation forecasts, and results
Location: Across South Africa
Completion Date: Jun 2017

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